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April 29, 2023
Tri-C Eastern Campus
Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Humanities Center
What is the Men's Elevation Conference?

The Men's Elevation Conference, presented by Step Forward, is Cuyahoga County's first-ever opportunity in which men will come together to ignite a passion for growth through education, motivation, and celebration.


Topics throughout the one-day event will include financial literacy, entrepreneurship, physical and mental health, fatherhood and marriage and the importance of civic engagement.

The conference is free to attend, but registration is required.

Check-in & Continental Breakfast
Dr. Todd Kitchen,
Tri-C Eastern Campus President
Breakout Session
Keynote Speaker:
LaRese Purnell
Breakout Session
Panel Discussion:
Civic Engagement, moderated by Dr. Jacklyn Chisholm
Closing Remarks
Pillars of Focus
Credit Card

Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship

Personal finance is 80% behavior, 20% numbers and identifying your “why” is critical for financial wellness.


The Breadwinners Academy presents, “What the FICO," a hands-on workshop that will focus on building one's credit score, how to read & understand credit reports, and how to rebuild credit.

Meditating on Bed

Mental Wellness

This session will educate, empower and equip Black men and boys with the essential tools necessary to live a mentally healthy life through healing hangouts and cultural artistic expression, while representing hip-hop culture.

Attendees will learn how to creatively cope with trauma, positively express emotions and foster community with others through healthy relationships with self, partner, family and protective relationships with the world.


Health and Wellbeing in African American Men

In Northeast Ohio, African American men have the lowest life expectancy and the worst overall health. In this session, attendees will examine the current health landscape, the history that drives these poor outcomes, and discuss a practical approach to improving overall health through nutrition, exercise, and prevention. 

Happy Dad

Fatherhood and Marriage

The Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Initiative seeks to strengthen families in our community by encouraging fathers to play a more active role in raising healthy, strong children. In this session, attendees will learn the importance of family engagement and ways to strengthen the father-child relationship. Men will also receive the knowledge, skills and attitudes to translate into behavior conducive for nurturing a healthy marriage.

Back of a group of volunteers

Civic Engagement

The objective of this panel is to provide conference attendees with an understanding of the different ways that Black men can become civically engaged in their communities and how their engagement can positively impact the Black community. 

The Men's Elevation Conference will be a safe place where men will have the opportunity to gather, discuss, and learn in areas that most will not typically allow themselves to be vulnerable in.

LaRese Purnell, Managing Partner, CLE Consulting Firm & The Real Black Friday


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The Men's Elevation Conference is a unique opportunity to put aside any distractions and spend time connecting with like-minded individuals and peers. During this one-day event, we will renew our energy and focus, learn how to achieve new lifestyle and career goals, and explore undiscovered tools to success. Network, have fun and walk away inspired!


Managing Partner, CLE Consulting Firm Entrepreneurship and Money 

Board Chair, Step Forward Board of Directors

LaRese Purnell

LaRese Purnell has 18 years of experience in business management, tax and finance. He is one of the founders and managing partners of CLE Consulting Firm, an accounting, tax and payroll company located in downtown Cleveland. As a strong, innovative financial and strategic leader with both instincts and intellect, Purnell is a formidable combination in the business world. He has served in executive positions, leading business and finance departments within multi-million dollar for-profit and non-profit corporations.

Purnell is the author of Financial Foundations: Building Financial Freedom One Tool at a Time, where he uses everyday language to address the fundamental questions people have about money. Purnell also created The Real Black Friday, an organization that brings awareness to and creates educational and collaborative opportunities for hundreds of small Black-owned businesses. 

dr todd kitchen.jpg

Tri-C Eastern Campus President

Dr. Todd Kitchen, Ed.D

Todd Kitchen joined Tri-C in 2021 after a decade of service as vice president of student services at Northwest Arkansas Community College. He has extensive experience in driving strategic initiatives to increase access to education and improve student completion rates, having implemented online education programs, created a collegewide counseling and wellness center and led collaborations with four-year institutions to guarantee admissions for underserved students.


Kitchen is a member of the National Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers and the National Association of Student Affairs Professionals. He is a U.S. Army veteran.

Jacklyn Chisholm.png

President and Chief Executive Officer, Step Forward

Dr. Jacklyn Chisholm

Jacklyn A. Chisholm, Ph.D. is President and Chief Executive Officer of Step Forward, the largest Community Action Agency in Ohio.  


Prior to joining Step Forward, Dr. Chisholm served as Chief Executive Officer of the Global Music Cultural Center (GMCC), a museum and cultural arts center planned for Atlanta, Georgia.  She is the former Vice President of Planning and External Affairs at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum where she was responsible for the development and implementation of the Museum’s strategic plan, management of government relations and community outreach activities, and Project Director for the construction of the Rock Hall’s $13 million Library and Archives.  Dr. Chisholm also served as Associate Vice President for Community Partnerships at Case Western Reserve University, where she developed the Center for Community Partnerships. 


Founder, Peel Dem Layers Back

Manager, BIPOC Male Mental Health at National Alliance on Mental Illness

Archie Green

In his own words, Green is a “dream, then wake up and go-getter.” He is well-known for his lyrical abilities as a Hip-Hop artist. In fact, Green's introspective single, “Layers,” which was about his lived experience with depression, premiered at in 2016 and garnered more than 25,000 streams in two weeks. He subsequently founded Peel Dem Layers Back, a 501(c)3 to promote mental health awareness through a Hip-Hop lens. 

Green has been the recipient of various awards for his work as a Mental Health Advocate including the Gallant Gentleman Award for Mental Health from Alpha Kappa Alpha's Linking Partnership Opportunities, Cleveland Magazine's Most Interesting People Class of 2018, and the 2021 Rising Star Award from the 100 Black Men of Greater Cleveland.

Photo Al  Grimes_Official  2022 (002).jpg

Director, The Fatherhood Iniative

Al Grimes

Mr. Grimes is responsible for developing, implementing and managing the Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Initiative. He has managed the initiative from inception into a successful best practice program while securing millions of dollars for fatherhood activities/programs/special events from a combination of county, state and federal funding. Mr. Grimes manages all county-related fatherhood contracts, leads community activities and represents the county in collaborations. He also directs policy development and technical assistance among collaborations and works with national, state and local partners to monitor the successes of other fatherhood programs.

Grimes has also spent time working with community organizations that include the United Way, the United Negro College Fund, SCLC, BPA, and the Boy Scouts of America.

Dreams headshot.jpg

Founder, Breadwinners Academy

Creator, Slice of Pie show

Jason Lockett Sr.

Jason Lockett Sr. is the founder and Executive Director of Breadwinners Academy. Breadwinners Academy is a Cleveland-based nonprofit organization that teaches financial literacy & entrepreneurship in high schools, colleges, and community centers throughout Ohio. The mission to is to bridge the wealth gap through financial literacy.


Alongside devoting his career to personal finance, Lockett co-owns several small businesses including commercial properties, merchandising, and retail shops. He is also the founder of “The Breadwinners,” which is a financial planning firm.


Lockett recently created a show called, “Slice of Pie.” It offers a master class on personal finance while highlighting local trailblazing entrepreneurs.

Greg Hall UH Photo.jpg

Founder & Board Chairman, National Institute for African American Health

Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, Northeast Ohio Medical University

Associate Professor of Integrative Medical Sciences, Northeast Ohio Medical University

Dr. Greg Hall

A native of Cleveland and graduate of Williams College, Dr. Greg Hall is an internal medicine physician practicing in Richmond Heights, Ohio. Dr. Hall is an Associate Professor in both the Internal Medicine and Integrative Medical Sciences departments at the Northeast Ohio Medical University and an Assistant Clinical Professor at CWRU’s School of Medicine. Dr. Hall was a governor-appointed member of the Ohio Commission on Minority Health and served as Chairman for many years and currently serves as the Board President of the Cuyahoga County Board of Health.


Dr. Hall wrote “Patient-Centered Clinical Care for African Americans: A Concise, Evidence-Based Guide to Important Differences and Better Outcomes,” which is the first comprehensive book detailing the optimal clinical care of African Americans.


At University Hospitals, Hall was awarded the Edgar B. Jackson Endowed Chair for Clinical Excellence & Diversity and he is the Medical Director of University Hospitals’ Cutler Center for Men which takes a multidisciplinary approach to improving all men’s health.

Meet our Panelists
jerry in office.png

Jerry Primm

Business Strategy Consultant,

CEO 360, Inc.

Step Forward Board of Directors

john hairston.jpg

John M. Hairston

Retired District Director

for Congressional District 11

andrew newsome.jpg

Andrew T. M. Newsome

G-PAC President, Political Action Committee

  • What does Step Forward do?
    The nonprofit Step Forward has served residents of Greater Cleveland for 55 years. It formed in 1964 in response to Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Poverty. In the past half a century, we have helped hundreds of thousands of Greater Cleveland residents. We understand how hard it can be to make ends meet and how difficult it is to ask for help or know where to start. Step Forward counselors, coaches and teachers work with each individual or family to sort through the chaos and connect them with help to restore hope in the future. We do this by addressing four key areas: Step Forward is one of the State’s leading providers of Head Start, the preschool program that offers a holistic approach to learning for children and their families. Assisting people with job placement and earning a living wage or higher; Step Forward career planning and job training opportunities enable people to learn or improve skills, earn certification or improve readiness to pursue and win better job opportunities. Encouraging and teaching personal development; Our Neighborhood Opportunity Centers help low-income individuals and families access resources and support to address immediate needs and build long-term skills and opportunities to transform their lives. Step Forward helps ensure Cuyahoga County residents are warm in the winter and cool in the summer through energy assistance programs that help low-income individuals and families with their home energy bills during crisis and non-emergency situations.
  • Step Forward used to be called The Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland. Why did you change the name?
    For decades, we quietly, steadfastly opened our doors to help low-income individuals and families in Cuyahoga County take steps toward brighter futures. Throughout our 55-year history, we continuously evolved to meet people’s changing needs as the barriers and challenges of poverty changed. Our new name, Step Forward, reflects the next step forward for the organization to continue to be a vital resource to Cuyahoga County and the low-income residents who call it home. By stepping forward, we can help transform more lives and further strengthen our communities. We are stepping forward, but we are not walking away from the legacy of our organization. In fact, throughout our history we have shown that we must continuously takes steps to help us better serve low-income individuals and families in our community. To learn more about the name change from our President and CEO, Dr. Jacklyn Chisholm, please click here.
  • Are you still enrolling children in Head Start for this school year?  How can families sign up?
    Head Start preschool begins each Fall just like other schools, but we are always accepting new students. Call (216) 589-9922 or click here to start the enrollment process today.
  • What are the eligibility requirements for your programs and services?
    All customers must be Cuyahoga County residents. The majority of Step Forward’s programs also have income requirements in order to qualify. Those requirements differ based on the specific program. To find out if you qualify for our Early Head Start and/or Head Start programs, please call (216) 589-9922. To find out if you qualify for one of our personal or professional development courses, please call the Neighborhood Opportunity Center nearest you.
  • When do you take applications for your programs?
    Our programs take applications throughout the year. Head Start and Early Head Start are always enrolling children and families at their locations throughout Cuyahoga County. If a particular center is full, you can apply and be placed on a waiting list. The center will contact you as soon as a spot is available. The Personal Development/Family Development and Professional Development programs accept applications throughout the year at all of our locations. Energy Assistance operates during particular seasons. The HEAP Winter Crisis Program operates from November 1st – March 31st and applications are processed in persononly at the Energy Assistance Office. We also operate a Summer Cooling program. The Summer Cooling program operates from July 1st – August 31st.
  • Where are you located?
    Step Forward has Head Start centers and Neighborhood Opportunity Centers located throughout Cuyahoga County, plus one centrally-located HEAP Office. Please click here to find the location that is most convenient for you.
  • What is a Neighborhood Opportunity Center?
    Step Forward operates four Neighborhood Opportunity Centers located in Cuyahoga County. The centers allow Step Forward to meet people in need where they live and work. NOCs are accessible and convenient locations designed to reduce or eliminate the need for transportation into Downtown Cleveland. Staff who work at Step Forward's NOCs assist clients by connecting them to early childhood education, the Home Energy Assistance Program, emergency assistance such as food, clothing, and rent and internet payments, personal development including counseling, anger management and Baby and Mommy Support, and professional development like workshops, job training and employment connection.
  • What is the Men's Elevation Conference?
    The Men's Elevation Conference, presented by Step Forward, is a first-of-its-kind event in Cuyahoga County. Introduced in 2023, the conference served as an opportunity for men to come together and ignite a passion for growth through education, motivation, and celebration. If you are interested in participating, presenting, or attending the next Men's Elevation Conference, please visit for more information.
  • Step Forward oversees the Early Head Start and Head Start programs. Tell us more about the importance of early childhood learning.
    Step Forward helps ensure every child has the opportunity to begin an education right, is prepared to enter kindergarten and develops a love of learning from the start. We offer Head Start, along with Early Head Start and Home Base Head Start to give families with children younger than 5 options for early childhood education. Step Forward’s Head Start programs are free to income-eligible families. Head Start focuses holistically on children: we integrate nutrition and health and dental screenings into their preschool experience. Step Forward also serves the entire Head Start family, providing the support and structure needed to start each child’s early life off right. Low-income families often have needs beyond their children’s education, so each family is matched with a social worker who conducts a needs assessment, helps them access other necessary programs and services, and serves as an on-going resource. Parents are involved and have a voice in designing the services to meet their needs. We have 10 Head Start Centers located throughout Cuyahoga County.
  • So the key to a bright future is education, and getting an early start. There are still hundreds of thousands of people in our community who may have received an education, but for one reason or another have fallen on hard times. How does Step Forward reach out and help this individual?"
    We believe every individual has the potential to succeed. We have three Neighborhood Opportunity Centers where we meet with individuals and families, learn what challenges they face and recommend support services if necessary, then a personal development plan of action and/or a professional development plan. We have life coaches and family development and job placement specialists on staff. Our Central Neighborhood Center located at 1801 Superior Ave., Suite 400, has three classrooms where we teach life skills and job readiness workshops.
  • Can I apply online or over the phone?
    You cannot APPLY over the phone. However, it is necessary to call or go online to schedule an appointment. Learn more here.
  • What information do I need to bring with me when I meet with a HEAP representative?
    Please read the PDF herefor a complete list of required documents.
  • How did your agency respond to the COVID-19 pandemic?
    The devastating impacts of COVID-19 meant the need for our programs and services increased dramatically. Like so many other nonprofits and businesses in our community, we rose to the challenge. We made our individual and family programs available online, we closed our Head Start Centers, but continued to engage with our children and families with virtual meetings and provided necessary resources and delivered baby items and daily lunches. We also updated our internal protocols to keep our locations safe and clean for our employees and the people we serve. In addition, Step Forward received funding through the CARES Act that allowed us to directly assist the people who needed it most. If you’ve been impacted by COVID-19, we may be able to help. Please click here to find out more. We know the impacts of COVID-19 will have far-reaching effects on our community. Whether you need assistance with immediate needs, or skills training to get a high-paying job, Step Forward is here to help.
  • A big issue in our community is unemployment and also, people who have low-paying jobs who want to find better paying work. How does Step Forward help people find the jobs they are looking for and so desperately need?"
    We know our community has good-paying, quality jobs available in new and expanding industries, such as healthcare, technology, hotel and hospitality, manufacturing and shipping. But we lack qualified workers. Step Forward helps people build the necessary skills and matches potential candidates with available jobs. We teach classes in computer skills, customer service, how to write a resume and how to interview for a job. We have dedicated staff ready to assist people with a professional development plan and then we track and encourage progress each step of the way. The end of the process is an appointment with a Job Specialist who works with the client to get them job interviews. Our team gets really excited when clients get called for interviews and get the job.
A message from the Conference Chair
Derek Cluse.jpg

Step Forward’s mission is to propel educational attainment and economic self-sufficiency for multiple generations in Cuyahoga County. With this as our mission, we must expose community members to a differentiated education that inspires them to take a quantum leap from poverty and dependence to self-sufficiency. This is why I was inspired to create the Men’s Elevation Conference.

As the conference board chair, it is my hope that you walk away from this event with momentum and purpose. I look forward to you attending!

Derek Cluse

Chief of Staff at Step Forward

Planning Committee

Derek Cluse

Jerry Primm

Douglass Bennett

Christopher Kelly

LaRese Purnell

Cecil B. Lee

Saaid Mansour

Austin Sims

Judge Michael J. Ryan

Steven Rhodes

Nelson Pagan

Taylor Wilson

Derek Cluse

Jerry Primm

LaRese Purnell

Cecil B. Lee

Judge Michael J. Ryan

Steven Rhodes

Douglass Bennett

Nelson Pagan

Saaid Mansour

Kerry Austin

Dwayne L. Hurt

Christopher Kelly

Get Involved

The Men's Elevation Conference, presented by Step Forward, offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities to meet every budget. Sponsorship investment may include in-kind donations.​

For further opportunities about a sponsorship opportunity, contact Derek Cluse at

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