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PpV-OfficiaL"] Kambosos Jr. vs Haney PPV fight Live On 05 June 2022

George Kambosos vs. Devin Haney live blog, updates, highlights & results from lightweight unification bout

WATCH BOXING>>> Kambosos Jr. vs Haney PPV fight Live

WATCH BOXING>>> Kambosos Jr. vs Haney PPV fight Live

George Kambosos and Devin Haney will be vying to become the first undisputed lightweight (135-pounds/61.235kg) champion in the four-belt era when they clash in Melbourne on Sunday.

[OfFiCiAL@StReAmS] Kambosos Jr. vs Haney Live Stream On boxing 05 June 2022

Kambosos (20-0) is sure to have huge support on home soil but Haney poses a serious threat to the Australian's title reign.

The 28-year-old is also aiming to become the first Australian to become undisputed in the four-belt era.

George Kambosos vs. Devin Haney live blog, highlights and results

George Kambosos vs. Devin Haney

Stay tuned for round-by-round updates and our unofficial scorecard.

Round 2: Very close round. Kambosos lands the most significant punch of the fight so far when he catches Haney coming in with a right hand. A left hook late seals it for Kambosos on our card. 10-9 Kambosos (19-19)

Round 1: After a patient start, Haney lands a few jobs but nothing flush. Kambosos attempts to time his jab with a few flurries of his own but nothing clean lands. 10-9 Haney

Crowd goes nuts for Kambosos walkout. This is massive.

Haney walks out to DMX's "X Gon Give It To Ya" and a whole heap of boos. No doubt he's in enemy territory.

1:15pm AEST/11:15pm ET: The anthems are done. Time for the walkouts. Haney up first.

It's 12:50pm AEST/10:50pm ET and the main event is about 20 minutes away now.

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Jason Moloney vs. Aston Palicte

Moloney wins via third-round TKO!

The Aussie times a peach of a right hand as Palicte throws an uppercut and drops him.

Palicte is up before the count but Moloney swarms and secures the stoppage shortly after.

A big win for the Victorian in front of his home fans.

Round 2: Plenty of action in that round as both fighters warm up. Moloney lands well to the body a couple of times but Palicte fires back with some nice uppercuts. Could go either way on the cards.

Round 1: Close round. Both guys looking to work their way in behind the jab. Moloney probably edges it thanks to a couple of overhand rights which landed well.

[[LIVESTREAM!!HD]] George Kambosos Jr. vs Devin Haney Live Free Online 05 June 2022

David Nyika vs. Karim Maatalla

Nyika wins via unanimous decision (49-46 x2, 48-47)

Round 5: Maatalla gets one on my card. The underdog poured on the pressure in the final round and landed some good shots of his own. Nyika appeared to wear them well and kept firing but but Maatalla had the edge in volume.

Round 4: Another solid round for Nyika but Maatalla is still giving him plenty to think about.

Round 3: Nyika takes it again. Switches to southpaw for much of the round and lands a few beautiful lead uppercuts. Maatalla still game but outclassed.

Round 2: Another big one for the Kiwi. This time he finds the target with his right hand, rocking Maatalla on a couple of occasions.

Round 1: Nyika takes the first pretty comfortably. A pair of left hooks, one upstairs and one to the body probably the most significant shots.

Hemi Ahio vs. Christian Tsoye

Round 1: Tsoye comes out swinging. After taking the fight on late notice, he appears to be looking to end this one early. Ahio weathers the storm well.

Scrap that! The fight is off. Ahio wins. It looks as if Tsoye has retired on his stool due to injury. An issue with his right arm.

Lucas Browne vs. Junior Fa

Big Daddy is back! The 43-year-old former world champion stops Junior Fa in the first round. Browne landed a massive overhand right to send Fa to the canvas and the fight could well have been stopped then and there. Another wide right hand sent Fa flying and that was enough for the referee. 1 minute and 58 seconds was all it took.

Kambosos vs. Haney undercard results

11:15am AEST/9:15pm ET: The broadcast portion of the evening begins with Lucas Browne and Junior Fa. The heavyweights have made their way to the ring. Don't blink.

10:55am AEST/8:55pm ET: Lachlan Higgins and Terry Nickolas fight to an entertaining majority draw (57-57 x2, 58-56 Higgins)

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