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Head Start family encourages others to enroll

Cuyahoga County – Chantyne Petty’s son sits and plays with blocks during gym time. He is currently enrolled as a Head Start student at one of Step Forward’s ten sites and loves to play both by himself and with others.

“I filled out an application and chose a Head Start location, spoke with someone on the phone and he was enrolled,” she recalled about enrollment. “It was such an easy process.”

“What kind of progress have you noticed since enrolling him?” Step Forward’s Communications team asked. “Have you noticed any changes since entering into Head Start?”

“Oh, definitely!” Petty exclaimed. “He has grown tremendously in his social skills. We needed some help with that, trying to regulate, because he doesn’t spend a lot of time with other children. He is an only child. So, the program gave him a chance to open up socially and become his own person. It gave him a chance to explore things he likes and is interested in. Now, he is very interested in learning.”

Petty said she is proud to recommend Step Forward to other people.

“My favorite thing about Step Forward is the different opportunities they open up to the children and the resources they offer,” she said.

Step Forward helps ensure every child has the opportunity to begin an education right, is prepared to enter kindergarten and develops a love of learning from the start. The program serves preschoolers from ages 3-5 years.

Head Start offers a holistic approach to learning for children and their families. We combine classroom instruction, learning through play and field trips for a rich educational environment that engages children. Children follow a curriculum and receive individualized observations and assessments.

If you would like more information about Step Forward's Head Start, click here. Early childhood education is offered at one of Step Forward's ten directly operated centers or at home.

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