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Step Forward releases RFP: Invitation for bid for Head Start landscaping services

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This Request for Proposal (RFP) is to identify qualified and experienced providers of landscaping services at one, two, three, or all of the following agency locations, including:

  • Carl B. Stokes Early Learning Center, 1883 Torbenson Ave., Cleveland, OH 44104

  • George Forbes Early Learning Center, 14209 Euclid Ave., East Cleveland, OH 44112

  • Louis Stokes Early Learning Center, 4075 East 173rd Street, Cleveland, OH 44128

  • Villa Early Learning Center, 5620 Broadway Ave., Cleveland, OH 44120

  • Miles Road Early Learning Center (Starting date TBD), 23340 Miles Rd., Bedford Heights, OH 44128

  • Memphis Avenue Early Learning Center (Starting date TBD), 10991 Memphis Ave., Brooklyn, OH 44144

Landscaping specifications include lawn maintenance services at most of the sites April 15, 2024-October 31, 2024. Lawn maintenance services must include the following services:

  • Once weekly grass cutting of entire facility grounds

  • Trim all grass areas cut

  • Blow grass from all sidewalks every cut

  • Edging of every sidewalk every cut

  • Weed removal from beds as needed

  • Trimming of shrubs as needed

  • Fertilization/weed control program

  • All landscaping work must be performed at times when no children are playing outside due to potential issues with allergies and safety concerns.

The above-mentioned services will be considered the “routine” services performed, and a part of this RFP. Any additional services performed or requested are not covered under the terms of this RFP and are to be invoiced separately.

The selected provider agrees to abide by all of the terms and conditions listed in this solicitation, including any attachments.

Specifications for the RFP may be viewed and downloaded below:

Download DOCX • 179KB

All questions and requests for information must be addressed in writing to the attention of the Step Forward person listed as follows:

Step Forward

George Phillips-Olivier, Director of Support Services

216-696-9077 ext. 209

Proposals must be submitted via email. No faxed or paper submissions will be accepted.

The deadline for submission is noon on April 8, 2024. Proposals submitted after that time will not be considered and will be returned or destroyed.

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