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Low-income water assistance funding extended through 2023

Cuyahoga County, OH – Step Forward recently confirmed the funding for the Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program, otherwise known as LIHWAP, has been extended through September 2023.

It means the agency can continue helping Cuyahoga County residents and families with their water and sewer bills for another year.

“It’s about $2 million that we get to help the community,” Paul Billups, the Director for Step Forward’s Home Energy Assistance Program, said.

Residents who are living at or below 175 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, have a disconnection notice or have been disconnected, are in the process of establishing a new service or are paying to transfer service are eligible to apply.

Clients must schedule an appointment first by calling (216) 350-8008. Clients can also apply for LIHWAP assistance here.

Appointments are available Monday through Friday from 8am until 4pm. Walk-ins are not accepted.

Scheduled customers must have all the necessary paperwork in-hand to receive assistance at the time of their appointment. Documents include:

  • Photo ID: Required for each name listed on the gas and/or electric bill

  • Proof of Citizenship: Required for all household members. Acceptable forms include birth certi­ficates, Social Security cards voter registration, U. S. Passport, etc.

  • Proof of income Is required for the last 30 days for all household members 18 years of age and older. Acceptable documents include SSA, SSI and SSDI award letters, Pension statement, Child Support, Utility Assistance documents, etc.

  • Individuals paid weekly need the last four paystubs. Individuals paid bi-weekly need two or three paystubs covering the last 30 days. Individuals paid semi-monthly need two paystubs. Individuals paid monthly need one paystub. If paystubs are not available, you will need veri­fication of your income from your employer (i.e. a printout of your last 30 days of pay). Seasonal employees and Self-Employed individuals are required to provide 12 months of income documentation. If paystubs are not available, a printout from your employer is required. If the household has no income or no vari­able income, you will need an IRS tax transcript.

  • Your most recent water or wastewater bills

Customers with scheduled appointments should submit their documentation at least three days in advance of their appointment to help with the telephone interview process. Customers can send the necessary documentation via email.

If a person does not have all of their documents, they will need to reschedule.

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