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Step Forward HEAP Office issues Scam Alert

Attention Step Forward HEAP clients. A scam is circulating where someone posing as a representative of HEAP requests your debit or credit card information.

The scam caller claims they are contacting you on behalf of HEAP with a new program, Heap Connect. The scam caller claims the program provides clients with a $100 voucher/gift card for use at Walmart, Macy's, Giant Eagle, or other stores. The scam caller will then ask clients to provide their account information and pay an enrollment fee via debit or credit card.

Please note, HEAP services will never ask you to pay to apply for or receive services. HEAP services are provided free to eligible residents.

To learn more about recognizing and reporting scams, visit the Ohio Public Utilities Commission website, here.

You can find more information on Step Forward HEAP Services here.

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