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Celebrating young talent: Head Start student artwork to take center stage in NYC

Step Forward is proud to announce that two of our very own Head Start students will have their artwork featured in the Young Visions 2023 exhibit this June.

According to Studio Institute and Studio NYC, Young Visions 2023 is a visual arts exhibit of children’s artwork. Hundreds of students submitted their artwork from Cleveland, Ohio, Newark and East Orange, New Jersey and Greenwich, Connecticut. Representatives from Studio Institute confirmed 38 pieces were chosen to be featured.

Joelle Perry

Joelle Perry attends Villa Head Start. Joelle couldn’t remember how she came up with the idea for her painting, but said her favorite color is black. When asked why her favorite color is black, she explained that she likes Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family.

Painting by Joelle Perry
Painting by Joelle Perry

“Out of all of the other children I have ever seen, she always colors inside the lines the best. She has made pictures upon pictures,” Joseph Perry, Joelle’s father, said proudly. “I have pictures all over the house!”

Joseph said his family was elated that Joelle's painting was selected for Young Visions 2023.

"Her imagination is beyond what I ever dreamed of," he said.

Joelle is five years old and will transition to kindergarten in Fall 2023.

Elijah Youngblood

Elijah Youngblood is four years old and attends Union Miles Head Start. He is excited about his artwork being displayed in New York City.

Painting by Elijah Youngblood
Painting by Elijah Youngblood

"My painting is orange and blue," he said, proudly. "My favorite color is blue."

Elijah said he likes to hang his artwork on the walls at home.

The opening reception for Young Visions is Wednesday, June 21, at Christie’s New York in Rockefeller Plaza. A digital catalogue with all of the artwork from the exhibit will be available to those who cannot see the display in person.

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