No matter your age, Step Forward helps people discover and begin the careers of their dreams – careers that offer greater stability and security for their families. We offer personal assessments to determine interests, assess skills, set goals and establish a plan to achieve them. 


All services are free to eligible Cuyahoga County residents. 


Services are offered at either 1801 Superior Ave, Suite 400 in the Central Neighborhood Opportunity Center or 14209 Euclid Ave., inside the Forbes Early Learning Center. Hours of operation for both locations are Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays. 


We are happy to share our impact and outcomes from our professional development programs over the past year.

Call the Central Neighborhood Opportunity Center at 216-651-5188 to get more information and/or schedule an appointment for intake.  


For adults seeking training and employment opportunities, Step Forward: 

  • Helps people discover and achieve career goals 

  • Offers professional assessments to match interests and skills that best help in setting career goals 

  • Establishes an individual plan to achieve career goals. 

Training Classes


For adults seeking workshop training, Step Forward: 

  • Offers opportunities to enhance employability skills 

  • Promotes the goal of developing training and employment pathways  

  • Provides tips and techniques on obtaining success in developing career pathways and finding employment 

Training Workshops

For community employers and participants seeking positive and results-driven outcomes, Step Forward: 

  • Provides a customized one-on-one approach to Job Placement Services  

  • Promotes employment opportunities for job seekers 

  • Supports to the community employers by matching qualified job seekers with open positions 

Employment Services

Skills Certification

For Step Forward Workforce graduates seeking advanced skill level certification training, Step Forward: 

  • Promotes online and hybrid classroom instruction designed for successful completion of certifications 

  • Offers free tuition paid certification training in Information Technology or Medical Administration fields  

  • Strengthens community relationships by working with other organizations to match people with the right jobs 

External Programs

Professional Development Programs

Training Classes

Customer Service Training I & II Certification Programs

The Customer Service/Computer Based Training course is a blend of instructor-driven curriculum and the online courses. The six-week Customer Service I training program is designed to prepare individuals for an office/computer-based work environment that revolves around a customer service-centered workplace. The three-week Customer Service II training program guides and assesses the advanced level customer service skills learned in Customer Service I. Upon completion, individuals will become certified by the International Customer Service Association through Graceland College as well as receive a Step Forward Computer Studies and Financial Literacy certification (when applicable). See schedule of upcoming classes

IC3 Digital Literacy Certification/Microsoft Office Software Training

The Microsoft Office Suite Training class is a six-week course that provides enrichment for clients with a basic grasp of Microsoft Office Software applications, hardware components, the Windows Operating Systems and more. A certified IT professional will facilitate and incorporate an online computer-based training component designed to promote logical thinking and retention building mechanisms. Students will test to earn an IC3 Digital Literacy Certification. No High School Diploma or GED required for the Microsoft Office Software Training class. See schedule of upcoming classes

Young Adult Program – MOVERS  IC3 Digital Literacy Certification/Microsoft Office Software Training

Step Forward works with Ohio Means Jobs, local colleges, universities and community employers to introduce 18-24-year-olds - who hold a high school diploma or GED - to certification and credentialing opportunities, as well as entry level job and career opportunities in the Information Technology field. During one of the two six-week summer program sessions, participants receive hybrid (i.e., virtual and classroom) instruction, engage in employer- employee networking sessions, have opportunities to tour local educational institutions and participate in on-the-job training experiences. Participants will also be working towards an IC3 Digital Literacy Certification as described in the Microsoft Office Software Training class. See schedule of upcoming classes

Digital Connection

This two-hour workshop is open to students who have successfully completed the Step Forward Customer Service Training Program. Participants receive a refurbished computer to include a Microsoft operating system and a Microsoft Office software pre-loaded. Students will work alongside the Digital Connection Personal Computer Technician in learning skills designed to assist them in installing and setting up their personal computers in the convenience of their own home. They will be instructed on proper internet usage, anti-virus software and how to combat malware. *Due to COVID- 19, Step Forward is offering free refurbished computers to all students that commit to enrolling and completing a six-week training course obligating themselves to utilizing the free refurbished computer to actively participate in virtual or hybrid courses in one of our Workforce Development Training classes. See schedule of upcoming classes

Training Workshops

Job Readiness

This five-day workshop is designed to assist the client that has been unemployed for more than 100 days in acquiring employment while updating their job search toolkit. It can be difficult to gain meaningful employment without the skills that prepare you to compete in today’s job market. The Step Forward Job Readiness program minimizes this gap by helping the client prepare a job search toolkit. The toolkit links the client to tips and techniques that aid in dealing with difficult personalities in the workplace, interviewing questions, a marketable resume, cover letter and thank you letter writing. Participants practice mock interviews after being introduced to their Employment Specialist who will answer questions and prepare them to meet with potential employers. See schedule of upcoming classes

Adult Basic Literacy Skills Workshop (Pilot Workshop)

This seven-week pilot workshop is designed to promote and improve a clients’ reading, writing, and mathematics skills while integrating today’s basic computer literacy technology in order to enhance employability skills. This workshop is designed to prepare the client for better educational and employment opportunities. Individuals who complete this workshop may be referred to other classroom trainings to further enhance their career goals and training opportunities. See schedule of upcoming classes

Employment Services

One Day Job Placement/Job Placement Assistance

Our community offers good-paying, quality jobs available in new and expanding industries. Step Forward’s One Day Job Placement offers opportunities for the client with fewer than 100 days of unemployment to work towards employment by consulting one-on-one with an Employment Specialist. One Day Job Placement allows job seekers to utilize virtual career centers and other digital platforms to assist them in the online application submission process, plus learn about interview preparation and follow-up techniques designed for success. See schedule of upcoming classes

Community Resources Board/Job Leads

Each week, Step Forward updates a list of employment opportunities and community events available to the Cuyahoga County residents and the local community within the Greater Cleveland area. This board offers local employers the opportunity to share their employment opportunities and community events through Step Forward. Click here to find this week's community job board listings. Click here to find what jobs are available right now at Step Forward.

Job Club

Every month, Step Forward Workforce Development clients that have completed a training class or workshop, will be invited to attend our virtual Job Club session. This will allow the Job Seeker to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses as it relates to obtaining employment. It is through discussion that job seeking tips and techniques will be delivered by a panel of trained Employment Services staff and instructors. The panel will provide information on current employment trends, job leads and community resources that may assist in enhancing job lead potential for job seekers. See schedule of upcoming classes

External Programs

External Programs

Step Forward offers the training graduate opportunities to pursue entry level certifications and credentialing in the Medical and Information Technology fields.  It is through the MedCert online certification program that clients are offered opportunity to test to earn certification(s) in Front Office Medical Administration/Billing and Coding Specialist or A+ Networking Certification training.  These online training courses are free with paid tuition for any client that successfully completes a qualifying training class and is approved by Management. Call 216-651-5188 to learn more, or to schedule an appointment