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Step Forward initiates 2023 Client Survey

Update 7/10/2023: This client survey has closed.

Step Forward is committed to providing exceptional services to our community. We believe that the key to success lies in truly understanding the people we serve and meeting their unique needs.

Superior Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio

That's why we need your valuable insight. We are asking current and former Step Forward clients to take a few minutes and complete this survey (also embedded below) so that we can better understand the residents and needs in the communities we serve throughout Cuyahoga County. Your opinion matters and your input will shape our future initiatives.

The last time Step Forward partnered with The Center for Community Solutions and issued a client survey, our agency was able to help publish the 2022 Needs Assessment. It revealed important information, including:

  • Out of the 89,937 children under the age of six who resided in Cuyahoga County, about 23,418 of them were living below the poverty level, making them eligible for Early Head Start and Head Start

  • One in five Cuyahoga County residents were found to be living below the poverty threshold; one in three of those people lived in the city of Cleveland

  • Cleveland was ranked among the worst large cities for poverty and child poverty

The data once again illustrated why Step Forward's services remain important to Northeast Ohio. The agency remained focused on helping vulnerable individuals and families by addressing their immediate needs and helped build long-term skills for those individuals and families to transform their lives.

Auto repair

It was, in part, thanks to the 2022 Needs Assessment that Step Forward recognized the need for a car repair assistance program. Since the program was established, the agency has been able to help several individuals and families address cost-related burdens to get their vehicle repaired.

Step Forward serves more than 25,000 Cuyahoga County residents every year. The agency currently offers programs and services through Emergency Assistance, Personal Development, Professional Development, Head Start, and the Home Energy Assistance Program. All services are provided at no cost to income-eligible individuals and families.

By participating in the 2023 Client Survey, customers enable Step Forward to tailor programs and services to better serve Cuyahoga County. Please take a few moments to complete the survey and let us embark on this journey of improvement together!

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