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Step Forward introduces free IRS Tax Preparer Certification Program

Step Forward, the state’s largest Community Action Agency, has announced a unique opportunity for individuals interested in becoming certified IRS Tax Preparers.

Tax preparers are professionals who calculate and file income tax returns on behalf of other individuals. Their responsibilities include reviewing financial records, making necessary adjustments, and ensuring accuracy and compliance with tax regulations and legislation. They help identify whether individuals are eligible for Earned Income Tax Credit and enable each individual to retain their tax refund.

Individuals enrolled with Step Forward's program learn how to become Certified IRS Tax Preparers

Step Forward’s IRS Tax Preparer Certification Program will offer basic certification courses that are essential for entry into the field. The courses, “Introduction to Tax Law: Part I” and “Software Training: Part II,” were meticulously designed to provide volunteer participants with the foundational knowledge and practical skills required to start their journey as tax preparers. Each volunteer will receive on-the-job training, helping Step Forward clients prepare their taxes during the 2024 tax season.

The course and on-the-job training is available at no cost to those who register.

“Achieving this certification through Step Forward will not only equip volunteers with valuable skills, but it will open doors to exciting opportunities in the future,” Audrey Taylor, Step Forward’s Director of Professional Development, said. “Completing this program will set individuals on the path to becoming certified tax preparers and provide them with the option to work as self-employed tax preparers or collaborate with agencies specializing in tax preparation within their local community. This could provide the certified individual with supplemental income.”

Individuals interested in registering for Step Forward’s Certified Tax Preparer Course can connect with one of the agency’s Neighborhood Opportunity Centers and/or register online via this interest survey. Training is scheduled to begin December 6, 2023.

The agency emphasized the urgency of a prompt response due to the high demand for slots in the popular program.

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