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Step Forward helps people find hope, believe in their future and take steps to make it a reality.

Despite efforts to alleviate poverty, the need for assistance remains pressing, with 16% of Cuyahoga County residents living at or below the poverty line in 2023.


As Step Forward strives to combat these challenges, this statistic underscores the critical importance of our work in providing support and resources to our low-income neighbors, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to thrive and lead fulfilling lives.

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Our mission is to propel educational attainment and economic self-sufficiency for multiple generations throughout Cuyahoga County. 

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Explore our YouTube channel to witness firsthand the impactful work we do in Cuyahoga County through engaging videos, which showcase our initiatives and programs.


Watch their Stories

A child prepares to graduate from Head Start

Explore the outcomes and impact highlights of our agency's programs and services in Cuyahoga County throughout 2023, and discover the positives changes we're making together!

See Our Impact

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Take a closer look at Step Forward's financial performance for 2023 to see how we're maximizing resources to drive positive change in Cuyahoga County.


Review our Financials

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Join us in making a difference in Cuyahoga County by donating to our agency and supporting our mission to uplift our community.



Get Involved

All Hands In

Acknowledge our Community Partners

Join us in acknowledging and celebrating the invaluable contributions of our community partners, whose collaboration strengthens our impact and uplifts Cuyahoga County.

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