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Step Forward's President & CEO unveils "Leadership Lessons: Notes From and For the Journey"

Jacklyn A. Chisholm, Ph.D., Step Forward’s President and CEO, is pleased to announce the release of her first book, Leadership Lessons: Notes From and For the Journey.

A 3d image of the book, Leadership Lessons: Notes From and For the Journey

The transformative book dives deep into the essence of leadership, offering profound insights gleaned from Dr. Chisholm’s lifetime of experiences. Through a collection of illuminating lessons, Dr. Chisholm provides readers with a compass to navigate the complexities of leadership.

“Understanding these issues could make the difference between successfully navigating the journey to leadership or delaying or derailing it,” she explained. “My goal, then as now, is to help people accomplish their dreams through education and personal investment.”

Dr. Chisholm, who has more than 30 years of experience in personal and professional development, strategic planning, and government and community relations, began writing the book in 2021. It grew as an idea from Dr. Chisholm’s blog, where she shared insights from her experiences and lessons learned. The book, which reads like a conversation with a trusted guide, draws readers into its pages with relatable anecdotes and thought-provoking reflections. Dr. Chisholm has described it as a primer of often hidden or unconscious issues that confront those who are in or aspire to leadership roles.

“The most meaningful part for me is making things that are often hidden about leadership visible, so individuals who are either in leadership positions or aspire to leadership understand the commitment, its responsibilities, and costs,” Dr. Chisholm said.

To purchase Leadership Lessons: Notes From and For the Journey, click here.

Jacklyn A. Chisholm, Ph.D. is President and Chief Executive Officer of Step Forward, the largest Community Action Agency in Ohio. Step Forward is a private nonprofit dedicated to transforming lives through education, personal and professional development programs, and support services. Additionally, Dr. Chisholm is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of It's Worth It Consulting, L.L.C., the author of the book, Leadership Lessons: Notes From and For the Journey, and an inspirational blogger at

Dr. Jacklyn A. Chisholm sits at her desk.

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