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No matter your age, Step Forward helps people discover and begin the careers of their dreams – careers that offer greater stability and security for their families. We offer personal assessments to determine interests, assess skills, set goals and establish a plan to achieve them. 


All services are free to eligible Cuyahoga County residents. 


Services are offered at either 1801 Superior Ave, Suite 400 in the Central Neighborhood Opportunity Center or 14209 Euclid Ave., inside the Forbes Early Learning Center. Hours of operation for both locations are Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays. 


We are happy to share our impact and outcomes from our professional development programs over the past year.

Call the Central Neighborhood Opportunity Center at 216-651-5188 to get more information and/or schedule an appointment for intake.  


For adults seeking training and employment opportunities, Step Forward: 

  • Helps people discover and achieve career goals 

  • Offers professional assessments to match interests and skills that best help in setting career goals 

  • Establishes an individual plan to achieve career goals. 

Training Classes


For adults seeking workshop training, Step Forward: 

  • Offers opportunities to enhance employability skills 

  • Promotes the goal of developing training and employment pathways  

  • Provides tips and techniques on obtaining success in developing career pathways and finding employment 

Training Workshops

For community employers and participants seeking positive and results-driven outcomes, Step Forward: 

  • Provides a customized one-on-one approach to Job Placement Services  

  • Promotes employment opportunities for job seekers 

  • Supports to the community employers by matching qualified job seekers with open positions 

Employment Services

Skills Certification

For Step Forward Workforce graduates seeking advanced skill level certification training, Step Forward: 

  • Promotes online and hybrid classroom instruction designed for successful completion of certifications 

  • Offers free tuition paid certification training in Information Technology or Medical Administration fields  

  • Strengthens community relationships by working with other organizations to match people with the right jobs 

External Programs

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