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Step Forward honors Workforce Development Month

September is Workforce Development Month, a time when we celebrate and promote the importance of investing in America’s workforce. The month is dedicated to recognizing the value of skill development, job training, and employment opportunities that pave the way for individuals to build successful careers.

Step Forward is proud to be at the forefront of workforce development. The agency offers a comprehensive range of services that empower individuals to enhance their skills, find meaningful employment, and achieve their career goals.

In a rapidly changing job market, the need for continuous learning and professional development remains critical. Step Forward is committed to helping individuals unlock their full potential. Professional Development programs equip participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to succeed in today’s competitive workforce.

An instructor speaks to adults enrolled in Professional Development

Adult Training Workshops: Step Forward believes learning should never stop, regardless of age! That is why we offer a variety of adult skill development workshops that cover a wide range of topics, including a Job Readiness workshop, an Adult Basic literacy skills workshop, an economic mobility workshop and financial literacy workshops. Each workshop offers opportunities for individuals to enhance their digital readiness and employability skills.

Career Readiness Training: Step Forward offers everyone a professional assessment to match the individual’s interests and skills to best help in setting career goals. Professional Development Services staff will then establish unique and individualized plan to achieve those career goals. Step Forward offers Microsoft Office software training that enables a client to earn an IC3 Digital Literacy Certification. Global Support Service training that provides an International Customer Service Association Certification. There are also other workshops to develop employability skills, digital readiness and literacy enhancement skills.

An individual reaches for an item at their place of employment

Employment Services: Professional Development Services provides a customized one-on-one approach to job placement services. Our One-Day Job Placement Workshop offers opportunities for clients with fewer than 100 days of unemployment to work towards employment by consulting one-on-one with an Employment Specialist until hire. Clients are also able to utilize virtual career centers and other digital platforms to assist them in the online application submission process and interviews as well. Every month, clients who have completed a training class or workshop at Step Forward are invited to Job Club. There, job seekers will have the opportunity to maximize their strengths as it relates to obtaining employment. A panel of training instructors and employment services staff will provide job-seeking tips and techniques, information about current employment trends, job leads and community resources available in Cuyahoga County.

Cuyahoga County offers good-paying, quality jobs available in new and expanding industries. Each week, Step Forward updates a list of employment opportunities as a service to employers within the community. Community resources and other events are showcased on Step Forward's website so that Cuyahoga County residents can identify and locate resources within close proximity. Clients often share a similar goal in obtaining a 'living wage employment' on their journey to self-sufficiency.

“Finding the right job can be a challenging journey, but Step Forward is here to guide individuals and families every step of the way,” Audrey Taylor, Step Forward’s Director of Professional Development, said. “As we celebrate Workforce Development Month, Step Forward is dedicated to empowering individuals so they can take charge of their professional futures.”

Professional Development Services would love to assist in helping you create the career or educational pathway of your dreams. For more information, click here.

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